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For 8 days in November Lagos Fringe Festival will be presenting theatre and dance by talented new, undiscovered and untamed makers at more than 15 venues across Lagos. Fringe is open and uncurated. We present a varied program featuring artists from a wide range of backgrounds, origins and futures. The festival is an ode to the madness of the stage and to independence of spirit and it is a plea for artistic freedom. A big, fat, heartfelt embrace of experimentation in the true sense of the word: one whose outcome is able to effect a real surprise.

Lagos Fringe Festival is together with African Film Festival (AFFRIF)
Lagos Fringe Festival has an open application. Artists can apply with (a plan for) a performance via the online application form. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available spots in the program, a selection will be made. Circa 40 production can partake in the program of Lagos Fringe Festival 2018. The selection of the participating productions of Lagos Fringe Festival 2018 will be made by the artistic team of the festival. Applications will be judged at professional quality of the application and the feasibility of the proposed production within the (practical) conditions of Lagos Fringe. Performance do not necessarily have to be made/be a finished production at the moment of application. Premières during the festival are encouraged. The festival organization reserves the right to pursue a program in which both the international performance industry is represented and that reflects the great diversity and mobility that takes place in the margins of the established theatre. While applicants can be breaking through, entering the industry, or be well-established, preference is given to groups that are not structurally subsidized.


Lagos Fringe Festival is open to applications from the performing arts (and cross overs) in the broadest sense. The duration of the performance can be maximum 60 minutes. The performance needs to be of a professional standard. The performance should be able to be produced and/or presented within the practical and productional conditions of Lagos Fringe. This means that it should be able to perform it in smaller theatre venues (max. 100 persons) and/or non theatrical spaces; the performance should not be technically complicated or require a lot of storage space in between shows; and a short build up time and turnaround time (30 minutes) between shows is required. The production is not performed in August/September 2018 in or around Lagos. Originality of the work or experiment with regards to thematics, artistic form or venue is encouraged and is viewed of as ‘bonus points’.


Nominal fee: Applying for Lagos Fringe Festival is free. When the performance is selected for Lagos Fringe Festival 2018 you will officially become a participant in the festival. For participation in the festival a nominal fee of N10,000 is required. The nominal fee secures a spot in the festival program and a venue for the performance, a space on the website and in the program brochure and access to Festival Pre-Fringe Workshops’. The actual cost for participating has been subsidized through partnerships.

Revenue / Ticket Sales
The income you’ll receive will be solely from ticket sales, based on a percentage deal.
The festival is responsible for the levy of 5% VAT on tickets sold. The remaining amount is divided between the artist, the venue and the festival, divided at an 70/20/10 split. The split can be different depending on which venue the performance will be presented at. The festival organization does not provide fees, travel expenses, accommodation, meals, or technical and production support. We can advise you on how to find the most affordable options. The ticket prices are determined by you the participant and Lagos Fringe Festival and partly based on the duration of the performance. For every performance, a fixed entrance fee and a fixed discounted price (for holders of a discount and special promotions initiated by Lagos Fringe) will be determined. Depending on the audience capacity of a venue, Lagos Fringe provides 2-4 complimentary ‘company tickets’ per show to the artist. You’ll receive no ticket sales income from these cards. Lagos Fringe Festival can provide up to maximum 10 complimentary tickets (for all shows together) to arts industry professionals and press. When there are more than 10 requests from professionals to see the show, the artist will have to approve to accommodate the additional requests. Complimentary tickets do not generate any income from ticket sales.


DIY-mentality and professional attitude

Lagos Fringe Festival expects all participants to be able to independently realize the submitted plans financially, productionally and artistically. Lagos Fringe Festival presents the performance in the program, but does not produce them. The artist is responsible for the production of the performance. Lagos Fringe offers support via mediation of a (free) venue, and coaching via the Fringe workshops and ‘open office hours’. You are responsible for the technical build-up and technical support during the show (i.e. bringing a technician). Most locations do offer basic technical support and some help with setting up the performance. However, please note that you need to make the exact arrangements for this with the venue and the Lagos Fringe Tech Manager and your technician which will be at a your Please keep in mind that special (technical) requirements – for example a beamer or a piano – may involve extra costs (at your own expense). Lagos Fringe will try to take your wishes for technical requirements into account as much as possible when selecting a performance venue, but we cannot guarantee all wishes will be met.

Lagos Fringe Festival expects participants to take care of a good marketing of their performance and raising publicity, via (for example) social media, flyers and posters..

We expect a pro-active attitude toward promoting and marketing your production. We encourage you to throw yourselves in to play with the Fringe with all your crazy marketing ideas and the necessary energy to maximize your exposure. We expect participants to meet all deadlines for sending in promotional materials (September 30th 2018).

Partaking in the Pre-Fringe workshops

Participants of Lagos Fringe Festival are expected to partake in the Fringe workshops. The Pre-Fringe workshops are especially created for artists of the festival to help make your participation in the festival as successful as possible. The workshops revolve around topics like marketing and publicity, finances and fundraising, networking and insight in the Dutch theatre landscape. The Pre-Fringe workshops take place in Lagos on the following days:


Productions that feature in the festival need to follow the safety rules and regulation of the venues allocated. The festival organization is not liable for accidents and damage or loss of property of any groups or venues.


Festival context

Lagos Fringe Festival provides a vibrant festival context: a challenging and dynamic environment in which local and international makers rub shoulders at performances, workshops, and of course also parties and contextual program. In 2019 ,Freedom Park will again be the Fringe Festival Hub where artists, professionals, crew, volunteers and audiences will gather.

Program schedule

Lagos Fringe Festival takes care of and is responsible for creating and deciding on venues, number of
shows per productions, dates and times. This will happen in conversation with the artists and venues.


Lagos Fringe Festival arranges venues for all participants. We try to take the preferences and technical requirements mentioned in the application form into account as much as we can. Participants of Lagos Fringe do not need to pay rent to their performance venues. (Additional) technical means or support could involve extra costs; these possibilities and terms should be discussed and agreed upon by the artist and the venue. Participants can also ‘bring’ their own venue. Financial agreements with these venues may differ from the usual agreements within Lagos Fringe.

Ticket Sales

Lagos Fringe Festival is responsible for the ticket sales via the website and at the performance venues. Lagos Fringe Festival takes care of the payment of the revenues of the ticket sales to the artists and venues.

Support and coaching

Lagos Fringe Festival offers support, coaching and advice on producing and promoting your performance via the Pre-Fringe workshops, intake conversations, open office hours, and one main contact person within the festival organisation.

Marketing & Publicity

Lagos Fringe Festival takes care of the promotion of the festival as a whole, via posters and flags in the city, a program brochure, website, social media, guerilla marketing and free publicity. Lagos Fringe will generate press and publicity for the festival as a whole.

Connection to the arts industry

Lagos Fringe Festival promotes the festival and its performances to national and international arts industry professionals. We actively invite them to visit the festival vi our Arts Industry Office. Lagos Fringe organizes several network events for participants of Lagos Fringe and professionals. The Pre-Fringe workshop feature guest speakers from the industry too. The festival appoints a (international) jury of curators and scouts who’ll select the winners of the Fringe Awards. These winners will be announced early 2019. Lagos Fringe Festival is part of the World Fringe network and the World Fringe Alliance, an informal, international network of Fringe festivals, a.o. Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Prague Fringe, National Arts Festival Grahamstown and Adelaide Fringe.



The application for Lagos Fringe Festival 2018 is open from 23 July – August 6 2018.
You can apply via the online application form.

Additional attachments to the application form also need to be handed in 1 March 2018 by copying a wetransfer-link into the application form. Submitted material will not be returned. Do you have questions about the application process or form? Please contact:


By 12 June the latest we’ll inform you per email whether your performance has been selected for Lagos Fringe 2018 or not. There are three possible outcomes of the application process: “selected”, “waiting list” and “not selected”. The communicated outcomes are final. When your production will be added onto the waiting list; we may ask you to partake in the festival on a later moment if a previously selected performance will not be able to perform in the festival. Selected productions are expected to be presented at the festival. After your performance has been selected for Lagos Fringe 2018 we’ll arrange an intake meeting. Also you’ll receive an invoice for the participation fee and a participant’s contract. Please note: we expect participants of Lagos Fringe Festival to attend the Pre-Fringe workshops and to hand in promotional material and production information before the communicated deadlines; keep this in mind! Some of these dates are already mentioned under ‘what we expect from you’ and ‘what can you expect from us’.


Lagos Fringe Festival reserves the right to deny performances without stating reasons. Lagos Fringe cannot be held accountable for any damage caused by the use of any data that is sent in. Sent-in information on applicants and artists will be stored in an electronic file; this information will not be shared with third parties. Artists that have applied successfully and have acknowledged and agreed with the terms and conditions of application, will be expected to follow through with their performance upon selection.